The Artists for Human Rights Project was launched in 2008 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and with the purpose of promoting and disseminating the 30 human rights through the arts, helping to make them a social reality.

The Italian project drew inspiration from the existing Artists for Human Rights Project, founded by the American actress Anne Archer (, and following on in this spirit it aims at involving like-minded artists.

Since the earliest times, the arts and artists have always anticipated the evolution of human society, and whenever art was repressed a pall of darkness and ignorance fell over mankind. By expressing healthy humanitarian ideals, artists can help human rights and tolerance to permeate into society, with positive results for everyone.

To this date, many artists have become spokespeople and ambassadors of peace and tolerance, helping the association to promoting and circulating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through their art. Hence, to express the gratitude for their commitment, they have been awarded with the title of ‘Ambassadors of Human Rights’.

Among the artists who were appointed Ambassadors of Human Rights are Mario Lavezzi, Alberto Fortis, Tullio De Piscopo, Noemi, Dado Moroni, Mietta, Franco Cerri, Antonino, Irene Fornaciari, Luca Anceschi, Neja, Bob Benozzo, Paki Arcella, Max Garbarino, Baronessa Maria Lucia Soares, Giuliano Ottaviani, Lita Limley, Ata Fiorito, Francesco Tourè, Adrienne West, Rosario Bonaccorso, Mattia Cigalini, Fabio Bonini, Vulcanica Percussionisti, Dum Dance Woman Company, Orchestra Oversea, Mitch and many others.

  • Alessandro Bergallo and Alessandro Barbini
  • Mietta is appointed Ambassador of Human Rights


 Alessandro Bergallo e Alessandro Barbini
Mietta riceve la nomina di ambasciatrice per i Diritti Umani

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  • Ambassadors of Human Rights.

These are some of our Ambassadors: