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The Association for Human Rights and Tolerance NPO

Banca Popolare di Bergamo – Branch in Monza – Manzoni

Via Manzoni n.22/30 Monza

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In order to issue a receipt we need your details:

The details we need to issue the receipt are:

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Cell  331-71.76.639


Tax deductibility.

You can deduct your donations to the Association for Human Rights and Tolerance NPO from your income. Pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree 460/97 and the following act 80/05, each donation is fiscally deductible from the total income of the person providing the donation, with the limit of 10% of the declared total income and with maximum 70,000 euros per year. It is also possible to deduct 19% of the amount donated  from the gross tax up to a maximum of 2,065.83 euros (article 15, paragraph I, letter i-bis of the Legislative Decree 917/86).

To take advantage from these tax benefits (as a physical individual and not as a company), you will need to keep the statement of the donation, that is to say the payment receipt in the case of donations through postal form, the bank statement in case of bank transfer or direct debit, and the credit card statement issued by the operating system.