United for Africa

United for Africa Project

Inspired by the UNITED video, the UNITED For Africa Project was born with the intention of guaranteeing a future for Africa by providing practical help. The Project is centred on building schools as a way to ensure the right to education, a fundamental and essential requirement for a better future, while also offering help for some other basic needs, like provision of health facilities and materials to ensure the right to live. The underlying idea is to empower the local people to become self-sufficient and able to build better lives for themselves.

The UNITED For Africa Project was established and implemented with the support of the Department of Human Rights of the Church of Scientology. It was launched with a charity concert in December 2006 at the “Teatro dal Verme” theatre in Milan, celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Anniversary, and was an immediate success.

In the meantime, a collection of basic necessities was conducted, as requested by the inhabitants of the most remote villages, which were visited in order to establish their needs. The delivery of these materials began in December 2007, again in person by representatives of the UNITED For Africa Project.

The initiatives and the events held to date have seen the participation of government representatives, politicians, religious leaders, teachers, students, parents, managers, along with outstanding artists of all kinds, everyone clearly UNITED beyond all barriers of race, colour, belief, or ethnic group, and sharing the common principle that “Human rights must exist as facts, not idealistic dreams”, an emblematic quotation from the humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, chosen as the motto of the Association for Human Rights and Tolerance NPO.


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